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Welcome to Cedars House....

CEDARS HOUSE CHRISTIAN (INTERNATIONAL) is an apostolic ministry with a mandate of Restoring the Glory of Humanity through Christ.

Welcome to CEDARS HOUSE CHRISTIAN (INTERNATIONAL), a place to experience the presence, peace and glory of God.

CHCI was birthed from the place of much prayer and intercession. For many years, we've carried a burden and desire to see the Church of Jesus Christ strengthened and empowered, overcoming her challenges and fulfilling her purpose and mission on earth. For many years we've yearned, prayed and interceded that every believer would come to the place of maturity (in thought, word and deed), and be actively engaged in God's kingdom business, wherever He has placed them.

For this to happen, the Word of God must become central to the Church and to the life of every believer. This is the only way the Church, as Salt and Light, can influence the world. Unfortunately, we live in an era when believers are no longer pursuing sound doctrine (2 Timothy 4:3-4). However, it is only through sound doctrine that we will learn about God (His nature, character, ability, truth and power) and how we can grow and live a life pleasing to Him. The need for teaching, therefore, cannot be overemphasized.

Our mission is simple and clear − Jesus Christ is coming soon and every believer must be strengthened, equipped and empowered to live and declare the Good News of the Kingdom of God. The only way to achieve this is by returning to the teaching and preaching of the authentic word of God. Through the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, the Church will, once again, discover her identity (who she is), her status (the position and authority) and her purpose (mission and mandate).

Cobby and Jennifer Abigail Wallace
Executive Directors